PBSO Would Really Like to Catch the Guy Robbing Burger Kings in a Barack Obama Mask

Somewhere in Palm Beach County, there is a man with red gloves, a Barack Obama mask, a silver handgun, and a pile of money that smells like French fries.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office sent out another news release yesterday about the string of four fast-food robberies that started in December. The most recent was last Tuesday, when a man got away with about $400 he'd stolen from a Lake Park Burger King.

Before that, an Obama-masked man robbed a Riviera Park McDonald's on January 28 and, after making a manager open a safe, escaped with $1,000, according to the Palm Beach Post.

I called to look into the other two robberies; will update when more info comes in.

The only available description of the man is "a thin tall black male usually dressed in black and armed with a silver semi-automatic hand gun." Sound like anyone you know? Here's the poster that is supposed to help:

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