Pit Bulls Maul Florida Woman as She Protects Her Daughter

Five pit bulls similar to this one attacked and mauled Brandy Bookamer.
Five pit bulls similar to this one attacked and mauled Brandy Bookamer.

A Daytona Beach woman was attacked and mauled by a pack of pit bulls as she shielded her 6-year-old daughter from the animals.

Brandy Bookamer, 27, went for a stroll with her daughter by their home on Holly Lane in Daytona North on Sunday evening when they were suddenly and viciously attacked by five pit pulls.

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Bookamer was airlifted to a hospital in serious condition after suffering multiple lacerations and puncture wounds, according to Flagler County deputies

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During the attack, Bookamer shielded the pack of dogs from her daughter and told the little girl to run home.

The girl was not injured in the attack.

Bookamer suffered severe injuries to her arms, legs, and buttocks.

She was taken by ambulance to the Flagler County Airport and then airlifted by Volusia County Sheriff's Office Air One to Halifax Hospital, where she received stitches for her multiple injuries.

After the attack, Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputies found the alleged dogs at a home in the 6200 block of Mahogany Boulevard and notified animal control officials, who took possession of the animals.

Fortunately, Bookamer's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Her daughter, whose life she saved, is currently staying with her grandparents.

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