"President Allen West": Yes, Andrew Breitbart Likes the Sound of That Very Much

​After Andrew Breitbart accused Shirley Sherrod of racism, based on a cleverly edited speech, there were many on the left who hurled that accusation right back at the conservative blogger and pundit.

But I'm here to say, "Stand down, lefties!" Because Breitbart has boldly declared support of a black president. Just so long as that black president is named Allen West.

Video after the jump.

Mind you, this appears to be one of those "sincere" endorsements, which should be distinguished from the ironic endorsement that Breitbart gave during the same interview, for another black candidate, Democrat Kendrick Meek

So there you have it, African-American skeptics. Andrew Breitbart bears you no ill will. He will embrace you the moment you join the tea party.

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