Rick Scott's Flack Provides "Proof" of Job Creation

Gov. Rick Scott keeps talking about how he's creating jobs left and right, but the evidence has been a little hard to come across.

Good thing we came across a tweet from the governor's Twitter account that claimed his office has proof he's been getting Florida back to work:

"Passed this sign in St. Pete today, proof we are creating jobs and getting the state back to work!" the post says, including a link to a photo with this incontrovertible truth of job creation.

Check out the photo, taken by Scott spokeswoman Amy J. Graham, after the jump:

Rick Scott's Flack Provides "Proof" of Job Creation
twitpic @AmyJGraham
Well, looks like the joke is on Florida citizens again.

We can't wait for the announcement of how much money the state is saving, accompanied by a picture of a garage sale.

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