Ricky Williams to Dolphins Fans: No Questions and No Booing at Practice

Ricky Williams to Dolphins Fans: No Questions and No Booing at Practice

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has a lot of life experience and a lot of wisdom to bestow. On top of teaching yoga classes and studying to be a doctor, Williams - who has said this will be his last year, but has also said he's reconsidering - generally has a quiet, inspiring work ethic. But yesterday he took to Twitter to politely (and reasonably) ask fans for some basic etiquette during the team's training camp and at public scrimmages. 

In a series of posts, Williams asked fans primarily not to shout questions to players while they're concentrating on practice and not to boo when players make mistakes. These are his posts:

"OK, so I have two things in particular I would like to address that came to my attention on Saturday," he began.

"I have to preface it by saying that we REALLY DO APPRECIATE OUR FANS, & during training camp it is very motivating having you out there.

"But #1) When we're on the field we r focused on what our coaches need us 2 be doing, not shouts of ?'s from the crowd. In order 4 us 2 get better we need 2 be able 2 focus on practicing & getting better. Cheers & applauds are great, but ?s r distracting.

"#2) When we make a mistake on the field it would be great if fans would motivate us instead of shouting negativity We know we did wrong & it doesn't help to be boo'd or ridiculed. Each of us is on the field 2 help this team win & we don't intentionally try to make mistakes.

"OK those r the 2 things I wanted to say. We're looking 4ward 2 2nt's practice w/fans out there. Pls help us gt better out there & b positive.

"I truly appreciate all of our fans. A big thank you to everyone! ... The 2010 season is upon us!!!"


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