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Roger Stone for Governor: Legalize Pot, Gay Marriage

Right Wing wild card Roger Stone may throw his hat in the ring of the 2014 Florida governor's race. The ace in his hole: marijuana. He wants to legalize it, and gay marriage. 

How serious is he? It's always a thin line with Stone, who so revels in outrage it's like he does things just because he can. It's demonic, in the true sense, a triumph of the will.

Instantly recognizable by his scrub of bleached blond hair, shirtlessly identifiable by the Dick Nixon tattoo on his back, Stone made his bones as a dirty trickster for Nixon in 1972, serving as a self-described GOP "hit man" until 2012, when he bolted for the Libertarian Party, blogging that the GOP was "hopelessly f*cked up."

Stone broke the news of his Tallahassee pipe dream yesterday, in an interview with National Review, telling them "I don't have any illusions about winning, but I'd like to carry the flag for the liberty movement." He promised to "be punch it up." According to NR, he "supports marijuana legalization."

In a follow-up with the Daily Caller (The Stoner careful to stroke the rightwing fanboys equally) he said he'd "like to" announce his decision whether to run during the annual Hempfest at Florida State University April 20. The Caller framed his pot position more modestly, saying he'd propose a referendum on medical marijuana.

The governor's election is set for November of next year, so Stone's Hempfest announcement could be quite some time off, long enough to tease and finagle his way into many more stories like this one. Fucking with the press is a Stone specialty.

NR reported Stone would work to legalize gay marriage in Florida. The Caller was silent on that, reporting an "emphasis on pot." 

According to the Caller, Stone--a Miami Beach resident, according to his Facebook page--is to address the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade at an unspecified time (presumably soon) and location (presumably in Miami-Dade). We presume this to be the LPM-D's website. 


In an email, Stone informed us he will speak to the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County tomorrow, Feb 12, at 7:30 PM at Monty's in Coconut Grove- 2550 S. Bayshore Rd.

(Also on his Facebook page Saturday, Stone claimed to be "driving to Tampa to meet a major Libertarian donor who wants to write six figure check for the Fla Gov race.") 

With Charlie Crist in the Governor's mansion, we Floridians wondered about our governor's gender orientation. With Rick Scott, we wonder about our governor's species orientation. With Roger Stone, we'd wonder about our orientation. 

But we'd know this: It would be so Florida. 

[Stone is also to speak in Jupiter Monday, Feb. 18, at the Luxury Chamber of Commerce, details here.]

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