Rothstein Is Finally Finished

It's being reported by a certain news outlet (the Miami Herald, or should I say, Jay Weaver) that Scott Rothstein is to be arrested tomorrow and charged with federal crimes.

Rothstein earlier this year
Rothstein earlier this year

The report from "sources familiar with the case" is true. Rothstein is going to be charged after noon a couple of hours tomorrow.

This news has always been a given, and it indicates that Rothstein has finally bled out everything he could bleed to the feds. He's done his time in the federal government's womb; now he's being cast out into the hands of justice. I don't know who else will be charged, but I expect a few of the more obvious suspects at the law firm will be arrested tomorrow as well.

The arrest will mark the end of the first phase of the investigation. I think the next phase will focus on influence and power rather than Ponzi. I'm pretty sure you will get information here that no one else will read as the days plow ahead.

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