Sean Healy to Serve Ponzi Sentence in Texas, Despite Judge's Recommendation

The Sean Healy ponzi scheme crossed so many state lines that postal inspectors had to get involved in the prosecution. He started out in New York, lived and spent in Weston, and funneled money from Pennsylvania. But Healy has finally been sent to a federal prison to serve his 188 months, and it adds a whole new dimension: He'll serve at Federal Correctional Institution - La Tuna, just outside of El Paso... Texas.

When Judge Sylvia Rambo sentenced Healy on March 31, she recommended that he serve his time as close to Miami as possible. Healy has two teenagers and two more young children under the age of six. He's also still married to Shalese, who lives in Hollywood with the younger children. The older children live with their mother in Cooper City.

FCI - La Tuna is a low security, all-male prison in Anthony, TX. It's on the New Mexico border, just 12 miles north of El Paso's city limits. Miami also has a low security male prison in Southwest Dade.

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