So You Think You can F#@k: A Game Show -- in 3-D! -- Soon to Film in Fort Lauderdale

A Fort Lauderdale entrepreneur is looking for contestants who think they can fuck for a game show he calls So You Think You Can Fuck.

That entrepreneur, adult filmmaker Dominic Ford, was inspired by the Fox network's So You Think You Can Dance. That show's already pretty gay. Ford's idea: What if it was more gay?

Thanks to his contacts in the gay porn industry, Ford scooped up a charismatic host -- Matthew Rush, who played the pivotal role of Voldemorecock in Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls, an epic that Ford directed.

So You Think You can F#@k: A Game Show -- in 3-D! -- Soon to Film in Fort Lauderdale

The show begins with the 10 contestants pairing off, then spinning what Ford calls the "Wheel of Porntune." The wheel selects the setting for the porn scene to come.

Contestants will then have to plan their sex scene in just a "few minutes" -- as opposed to the months that it usually takes for a pornographic screenwriter to craft his narrative.

Then the contestants fuck.

After they've finished their scene a panel of judges will offer opinions. But as with American Idol, America votes for the winner. Specifically, Americans who are willing to pay the $25 monthly charge for

Ford is heralding this as the world's first game show filmed in 3D -- all who join his website get a free pair of 3D glasses.

The winner gets everything he needs to catapult him into pornographic stardom: a role in a future Dominic Ford film, the cover of Just Us Boys, and a photo spread in Playgirl magazine. He also gets a sex toy called Aneros, billed as the "best prostate stimulator on the market" and a "year's supply of Pjur lube," which, if I'm not mistaken, is how the producers of Hollywood Squares paid Jim Jay Bullock for his role on that game show.

I've exchanged a few emails with Ford but haven't been able to get him on the phone. When I do I'll update this post with quotes from him.

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