Some Kinda Bust: Buxom Bandit Behind Bars

Samara Seward
Samara Seward
Photo: BSO

With a nickname like Buxom Bandit, it's hard to stay out of sight. So it goes for Samara Seward, accused of stealing the identity of a couple of Broward teachers, a crime for which she's already been incarcerated. From the BSO release:

Following a tip, Broward Sheriff's Office detectives searched for Samara Seward, 31, in Pompano Beach and found her walking in the 700 block of NW 16 Court Thursday (7/1/10) afternoon.

She was arrested without incident and is facing several charges for stealing the wallets of teachers throughout Broward County and fraudulently using their IDs and credit cards. Seward recently returned from a trip to Orlando. At the time of her arrest, she was using the ID of one of her latest victims: a Central Florida woman named Jennifer. 

Full release is here.

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