South Florida-Based Charity Planting Peace Loses Funding for Haitian Orphanage

Aaron Jackson, South Florida's most lovable do-gooder, whose non-profit Planting Peace helps house and feed homeless children throughout the developing world and in March took on the Westboro Baptist Church bigots with its rainbow-colored Equality House, needs help.

Planting Peace is looking for sponsors for one of its Haitian orphanages after a foundation that had promised funding failed to follow up or send any money. Instead of chasing down the foundation, Jackson is moving on. "I'm not in the business of collection," he said from the organization's Equality House in Topeka.

The orphanage, featured in New Times in 2005, is located in Port-au-Prince and currently houses eight children ages 6 to 15. It was the first of four orphanages Jackson opened in the country, including one home for orphans diagnosed with HIV.

"We try to line up a sponsor for every orphanage. Each doesn't cost the same amount, but we try to line up a sponsor whether it be a church or foundation, and then we try to sponsor out each kid individually," Jackson said.

The organization is looking for individual donors to pledge $25 a month to provide housing, schooling, and nutritious food for one child. If you'd like to help, visit Planting Peace's web page to sponsor an orphan or orphanage.

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