Stadium Madness

It has been a bad year for sports venues. The Orange Bowl went boom. The Miami Arena imploded. Even the House that Ruth Built is no more.

Of course, at a time of economic Armageddon, we're building more. The Heat and Panthers already nailed us for a cool half-billion. FIU frittered away $50 million just to get started. And the Marlins are gonna stick taxpayers with a half-billion more.

Worse, all of the teams suck. The return is even worse than Freddie Mac or Bernie Mac or whatever it was before the government took over.


Stadium Madness: Why have we spent more that $1.1 billion in South Florida on sports stadiums for the Marlins, the Panthers, Florida Atlantic University, and others?

And hell, that's just the beginning. Face it — you got screwed.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Illustrations by Mark Poutenis

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