The Best Texts of 2010: Rothstein, Villegas, Obama, You?

Another year, another round of thumb-induced regret. In the age of smart phones, texting has become an essential part of the news cycle.

Here are our favorite screeds that were either written or released to the public in the past year. Feel free to add your own suggestions:

5. I made weed fried chicken. What have you done today?
954, Anonymous, Texts From Last Night

4. He's so superficial, and the sad thing is someone like him will never be happy.
Boyton Beach resident and professional escort Dalia Dippolito, writing about her husband, Michael. She would later be arrested for plotting to have Michael killed.

3. george bush was a better president for first pitches than barack obama. there. i said it.
561, Anonymous, Texts From Last Night

2. Do not ever threaten my life again. It is not right under any circumstances.
Debra Villegas, writing to her estranged husband Tony Villegas, three months before he was charged with murdering Debra's best friend.

1. Sorry for letting you all down. I am a fool. I thought I could fix it but got trapped by my ego and refusal to fail and now all I have accomplished is hurting the people I love.
Scott Rothstein, writing to his law partners as his massive Ponzi scheme began to unravel.

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