The Joke's on Him: Wilton Manors Police Chief Loses College Teaching Gig for Racist Email Humor

Photo: WMPD
Can Perez hold on to his job as police chief?

Richard Perez apparently thinks offensive racial stereotypes are hi-larious, but he's not laughing as hard lately since the

South Florida Times

revealed a series of racially offensive emails that were circulated by the Wilton Manors Police Chief. Now it looks like his politically incorrect emailing has

cost him his job at Broward College


But with a commission meeting scheduled for tomorrow, the question is whether Perez can hold on to his position as chief. At Mayor Gary Resnick's request, the city has opened an investigation into the email controversy.

One of the e-mailed jokes in question implied that Barack Obama's was conceived at a wild party where 

she had sex with a black man and a dog. Another makes light of a white woman responding to a minstrel-style black man by saying, "Up yours, Nigger."

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