The Toll of Public Service

You know those before-and-after photos of presidents showing how much they aged during their years running the country? 

Here's one example: 

The Toll of Public Service

That's a big difference, but it's nothing compared to what spending time in the Florida Legislature does to a politician. Inside, see the photographic evidence of a stunning transformation of one formerly prominent local state senator. 

Here's Steve Geller when he entered the Legislature at the end of the 1980s:

The Toll of Public Service

Perfectly regular-looking fellow, right? Well, look at what 20 years of legislative life did to him:  

The Toll of Public Service

On a positive note, Geller to his credit has lost a fair amount of that girth -- free meal, anyone? -- since leaving office. But just think of it: If term limits hadn't forced him to leave the Senate, he would still be growing.

Let this be a cautionary tale for all who dare to enter Florida politics. 

Here's a little push into the weekend: 

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