This Season's Five Most Important Miami Dolphins

This Season's Five Most Important Miami DolphinsEXPAND
Courtesy of Miami Dolphins

Not only are the Miami Dolphins in the thick of training camp, but their first preseason game is just over a week away; life comes at you fast. After another off-season, there's a new coaching staff and roster. You can't quite call them the new-look Miami Dolphins — the refurbished Miami Dolphins sounds about right. 

Every year, you can point to five players who were most important to a Super Bowl playoff run — the core group on defense, offense, and special teams that make the biggest difference. 

Who will that core be this season? As the first preseason game nears, let's take a look at our best guesses.

5. DeVante Parker, WR  

The Dolphins and their fans know what they will get from Jarvis Landry at this point: a dependable, sure-handed, consistent number two wideout. What no one can be sure of is what the team has in DeVante Parker. The Dolphins didn't take Parker fourteenth overall in the 2015 NFL draft just to be another piece of the puzzle. They took him to be the last piece of the puzzle. 

Every offense that wins a championship has a dynamic playmaker, someone who instills fear in opposing defenses and makes defensive coordinators lose sleep. Who is that guy for the Miami Dolphins? It has to be Parker. He possesses the sort of Randy Moss-esque skill set that could explode on the NFL scene this season and make the Dolphins a Super Bowl contender. 

4. Ndamukong Suh, DT 

When the Dolphins signed Suh to a deal last March that will pay him approximately $114 million, they envisioned him wrecking asses in late January, not just in October. If the Dolphins' defense is going to be a Super Bowl-caliber unit, Suh will have to be more like the player he was at the end of last season, and less like the nonexistent talent he was early in the year. 

The Dolphins will need Suh to be all-pro if they have visions of continuing deep into the playoffs this year; that's the sort of player they signed up for when they paid him all that money last season. This would also greatly help an inexperienced and undertalented secondary. 

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