Trayvon Martin Medical Examiner Claims Prosecution Bias, Is Suing for $100 Million

Trayvon Martin Medical Examiner Claims Prosecution Bias, Is Suing for $100 Million

Dr. Shiping Bao, the recently fired Volusia County associate medical examiner who testified in the George Zimmerman trial, is suing for ethnic discrimination and wrongful termination, according to his attorney.

Bao is also claiming that prosecutors, medical examiners, and the Sanford Police Department were all biased against Trayvon Martin and that they purposely threw the case.

According to his attorney, Victor Swift, Bao is being blamed for mistakes in the trial.

Bao, who performed the autopsy on Martin, changed his testimony during the trial from previous statements he'd made, most notably about Trayvon's being alive for as long as three minutes after the shooting.

Attorney Willie Gary said that prosecutors never asked Bao a question crucial to their case and that Bao says their attitude was that "he got what he deserved."

On August 7, Bao met with county officials, who gave him 30 days of personal leave to find another job.

According to Swift, Bao was told he was being fired for poor communication skills, though he had apparently not been told this before.

Swift also says that working conditions for Bao had deteriorated as soon as he became involved with the Martin case.

Bao, a native of China, is being made to be a scapegoat, says Swift.

"Why should the Chinese-American guy get fired and all the white people who worked on the case, none of them got fired," Swift said.

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