Tropical Disturbance Brewing, Could Head for South Florida

Tropical Disturbance Brewing, Could Head for South Florida
National Hurricane Center

Oh look. Another tropical disturbance.

There's something brewing out there, and according to the National Hurricane Center, it could impact South Florida in the next five days.

While it's still too early to say exactly what will happen with this disturbance, if it'll fully form, or where it'll go, pretty much every model says IT'S HEADED RIGHT FOR US GAHH!!

The National Hurricane Center's 2 a.m. advisory says the system has a 50 percent chance of developing in the next two days and a 70 percent chance of developing in the next five days.

Which means we don't really need to worry about this thing until sometime next week just before it hits us, as we in South Florida are wont to do.

2:00 a.m. Thursday advisory
2:00 a.m. Thursday advisory
National Hurricane Center

As it stands, the National Hurricane Center has the system aiming toward the southern tip of Florida, which means either we can get sideswiped by it or it can totally miss us and head toward the Gulf of Mexico. We in the media have a good week to figure out exactly how to freak out over this.

Tropical Disturbance Brewing, Could Head for South Florida

For now, the system is 1,500 miles from South Florida, moving northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour.

If it should head toward Hispaniola or Cuba, the mountainous regions of those areas could weaken the system significantly, which would be good for us but totally suck for Hispaniola and Cuba.

Most disturbing of all, the National Hurricane Center says that, should the system turn into a tropical storm, it'll be named Cristobal.

We'll keep you posted on what the appropriate amount of panic you should engage in over this system in the coming days.

If only Africa could send some more of that Saharan dust our way.

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