Up-the-Skirt Robbery Is Either a Copycat Job or a Repeat Offense

Surveillance shot via NBC Miami
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Occasionally, on a very rare and special day, a crime demonstrates


enviable prowess in feminine grace and agility. Well, South Floridians, today became one of those momentous occasions as a surveillance video surfaced of a woman and her accomplices robbing almost $4,000 worth of liquor from a Pembroke Park liquor store by shoving it under their skirts and who knows where after that. See? Birthing hips can be a blessing... kinda? You've got to see this video (and its predecessor). Then


be the judge as to whether this is a copycat crime or a traveling band of skirted booze bandits.

Here is an NBC Miami news clip with the surveillance video from DPF Liquor Store, where the robbery took place on Sunday.

...now you see it, now you don't. At least store owner David Rassi seems to have a sense of humor about the magician-quality robbery. "I don't know how she was walking," Rassi said of the woman who shoved a bottle of cognac and another five-pound bottle of booze up her skirt along with her two female accomplices and one male who distracted an employee.

Now, take a look at the 2008 ABC newscast of a similar between-the-legs booze snatch in St. Louis. Whether these are the same women or not, their squat-and-stash method is strikingly similar. It probably would work well smuggling booze into concerts too, not that New Times recommends doing so.

When all is said and done, let's just hope these ladies wear underwear.

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