Vanilla Ice Flowing Like a Harpoon on The Early Show

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In this video from this morning's Early Show, we have a scary barefoot clown dressed up as Santa. We have choreographed dance steps. We have Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez awkwardly singing and dancing along. Most important, though, we have Robert Van Winkle (you know him as Vanilla Ice) performing the song that made him famous.

It was all part of The Early Show's memorial to 1990, the year "Ice, Ice Baby" was released. There was also a Murphy Brown reunion. After he performed, Van Winkle talked about... he got the nickname Vanilla Ice (from the days when he was the only white breakdancer in his crew) and what life is like these days: "We are who we are because of who we were," he said, quoting of all people, Tammy Faye. "I wouldn't change my life with anybody today."


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