We Got Issues: New Times in Print

Based on Tim Elfrink's feature story in this week's issue of New Times, it's evident that Chinese drywall is anepic American disaster. He explains how greed and recklessness tripped a row of dominoes : from the Chinese manufacturers to the home builders to the developers, and finally the politicians. The article will make you want to go back go back to 2005 and slap somebody -- like yourself, if you bought one of those homes.

In our music section, John Hood slips seven questions to velvet-voiced singing legend Tony Bennett, who's appearing at a much anticipated show Friday at the Arsht Center.

Cuisine machine John Linn heads to

LOLA in Delray Beach, another one of those acronyms that spells about some insufferable cliche -- but the food rated spectacular, and the same could be said of the people-watching.

New Times art critic Michael Mills reviews an exhibit by William Kentridge at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, pronouncing it the art lover's cure for "end-of-decade malaise."


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