Wellington Officials Furious Over Today Show Using City as Location for Story on Car Surfing

​The City of Wellington wants a correction from Matt Lauer, host of NBC's Today show.

Earlier this week, Lauer introduced a story on a dangerous teen trend known as car surfing. Rather than use previously recorded footage of such antics, he instead handed reporting off to NBC's Kerry Sanders, who continued with live footage from the parking lot of

the Mall at Wellington Green.

Wellington city leaders say the live segment unfairly labeled Wellington as the capital of car surfing. Councilwoman Anne Gerwig told the Town-Crier: "I didn't appreciate that negative outlook on us, because we aren't that kind of community. The implication is clear from watching it. It's implying that it's here, and it's not."

Lauer was probably using the Palm Beach County city to highlight the two Central Florida teens recently


in a crash

involving car surfing last week, when the driver lost control and rolled the vehicle, causing it to burst into flames.

Sure, when you're from New York pretty much all of Florida looks the same, but it seems Wellington might be owed a correction.

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