When Is It OK to Shhh the Home Fans?

You probably didn't see it. I only realized what it was when I watched the replays again last night.

After Vontae Davis stepped in front of Lee Evans on Sunday to intercept Bills quarterback Trent Edwards and then took it into the endzone for a score he celebrated in a fashion not all that unusual in the NFL: he put his index finger over his lips, as if to say "Shhh!"

The problem here, of course, is that Mr. Davis, a rookie cornerback drafted in the first round out of Illinois, was Shhh-ing his home crowd at LandShark Stadium--the Dolfans.

In his Sun-Sentinel story on the game, Mike Berardino alluded to the celebration.

After the game, Davis was asked about putting his finger over his lips. "You never saw that," he told reporters, laughing. He knows he should be embarassed.

Remember it appeared that Vontae Davis was arrested in Illinois before the season even started, but it turned out to be a case of identity theft.

Dolphins fans can forgive Davis. He is, after all, a rookie. And he did look like a pretty damn good choice as he sprinted into the endzone.

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