Wikipedia High Jinks and a Telling Political Photo

Out of pocket today, but wanted to put in a comment cleaner.

Some of you discovered that the page about me on Wikipedia had been hijacked by a Stacy Ritter-backing propagandist (here's the Ritter Compendium for those interested in what I and others have reported about her). There are a few smearing paragraphs that were added recently, apparently by someone calling themselves "Katherine Parr" (actually they were added May 21, it looks like). I personally have never touched that page and had nothing to do with its creation, but I don't think people are encouraged to add untruths, baseless opinion, etc. I'll be more concerned, though, when anonymous politically motivated cretins aren't attacking me. That would mean I'm not doing my job very well at all.

By the way, there's more and more talk about coming arrests of public officials. It's heating up. 

After the jump, there's a photo of two BFFs -- and it goes to the heart of what's wrong with politics in Broward County. And no, the ethics reform package, when passed, won't change it. (I'll explain more later).  

Wikipedia High Jinks and a Telling Political Photo

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