Wild Iguana Catchers/Eaters Welcome in Florida

"Individuals can capture iguanas," affirms Pat Behnke, a spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who specializes in species and habitats. "They're free to dispose of them, but we don't recommend any particular way."

Yep, folks, that means you can grill 'em. And eat 'em.

"Just use common sense," Behnke says. "Probably pick them up with gloves, clean up afterwards, be careful grabbing them behind the neck [so you don't get nipped]."

Oh, and make sure the iguana isn't anyone's pet! The lizards carry salmonella bacteria, so cook thoroughly. Supposedly they taste like chicken. (Yeah, right) For more detailed instructions on catching and cooking iguanas, click here, or check out this rather gruesome video shot by a couple of English-speaking tourists in Costa Rica:   

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