Worst Campaign Ads of 2010

It's an election season most of us would rather forget. But in the spirit of holiday cheer, here's a quick trip down memory lane. The worst (or best?) political ads of 2010:

5. Lizbeth Benacquisto's rape ad. The Republican state Senate candidate used the ad to address her position on abortion. Not to be outdone, a supporter of Benacquisto's Democratic opponent, Kevin Rader, came forward to say she had been raped, too. Tastelessness ensued.

4. Rick Scott used his mom to get elected governor. "He's a good boy," she promised.

3. An anti-Dan Gelber mailer struck a bizarrely prejudiced tone.

Worst Campaign Ads of 2010

2.Tim James, and the "We Speak English" ad

. It's from Alabama, but the message is all-too-familiar to Floridians who watched right-wing candidates sweep the November elections.

1.Sarah Palin (featuring Allen West). Behold, a future in which Palin uses Allen West to boost her campaign for president.


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