WTF Florida: Woman Arrested for Kicking Geese on Video

WTF Florida: Woman Arrested for Kicking Geese on Video

A 20-year-old woman was booked on charges of animal cruelty Friday after police received multiple reports of a video in which she allegedly is seen kicking at three geese at Twin Hills Park, while a child can be heard laughing in the background.

The police report states that in the video, the woman, identified as Alyssa L. Pack, can be seen "verbally and physically tormenting these geese as she is accompanied by a juvenile male and an unknown male who is videotaping this incident with a cellular phone."

The mother of the juvenile in the video contacted police after seeing the video and also identified the male in the videotaping the incident. When questioned by police, Pack stated the three geese "attacked her family," at which point she was "forced to move or change locations." She says after she changed locations, the geese followed, at which point she "dared them" to follow her again.

The geese have been removed from the park by their original owner, presumably to save them from future Macaulay Culkin doppleganger abuse.

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