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Best Place to Relive College Days

This sprawling complex takes on a quiet tone on weekday nights. Just a few people around the bar, with a whole sea of chairs around them. Outside on the deck, a couple more people may be sitting at tables, enjoying the night air over a rum runner or three -- the whole place has a rather tiki image. But on the weekends, despite the incredible size of the Cove, it can get to standing room only. Shoulder-to-shoulder people push their way to the bar, and one thing that stands out about them is that virtually all are younger than 25. Many are dressed in the fratboy uniform -- college baseball cap with frayed bill, beige pants or shorts, and some sort of plaid or checkered shirt, preferably by Abercrombie and Fitch. Women are similarly attired for the Greek life. And yet, there are no major universities nearby, with the possible exception of Florida Atlantic. What gives?


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