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Best Venue for National Acts

The folks who live in close proximity to the centrally located, easy-to-reach Pompano Beach Amphitheatre may not appreciate our naming it the best place to see a concert. They may even wish it would go away. But we love this place more and more each time we visit, mainly because an outdoor venue that can be used any day of the year is something the rest of the nation's concertgoers can only dream about. So maybe it makes us feel special. The size is perfect -- about 2,500 seats -- and you don't have to wonder about the sound and vision, 'cause they're both perfect. Plus, our trustworthy independent promoters seem to grab some pretty choice shows, like Oasis; Soundtrack of Our Lives; String Cheese Incident; and Zwan, ex-Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan's new band. Talk of expanding the amphitheater has dwindled of late -- no doubt music to the ears of its neighbors.


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