Mystic Water Kava Bar

Mystic Water Kava Bar might not actually be based on a Tolkien novel, but as soon as you walk through the front door, you're transported to an unfamiliar and strangely relaxing land. I've never seen a bar so meticulously decorated to look like it's located in the middle of a jungle: huge trees crawl over the bar and stretch across the ceiling, vines and multi-colored lights dot the walls and hang from the tree branches, and Aztec-looking stone covers portions of the walls. The decorations aren't all that set Mystic Water apart from the rest of the watering holes in Hollywood: There is not a drop of alcohol served here, only drinks made with kava root. The thick, almost muddy drink isn't the tastiest thing on the planet, but they say the mild numbing sensation it provides makes the whole experience worth a little discomfort of the taste buds.

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