Now, it may be true that marriage is being assailed these days. The cantankerous Right would have you think that two dudes smooching is going to undo centuries of man-woman coupling as a cornerstone of civilization. Of course, if we’re worried about two chicks saying “I do” at a Massachusetts courthouse, then we’re going to ignore the bigger systemic problems: high unemployment, depressed wages, rising health care and child care costs, mammoth college debt, scant maternal and paternal leave… in short, we won’t follow the money, the real reason it’s harder now to become a stable adult, and a person worth marrying, than in generations past. Far be it from us to tell you that Kirk Cameron, who rose to fame as a child star in an ’80s sitcom in which his best buddy’s name was Boner, doesn’t have the answers to strengthening your marriage, the... More >>>