The whole notion of a Tweetup is going to sound unbearably nerdy to anyone who hasn’t yet gotten sucked into Twitter (which, far from a platform to discuss what you had for breakfast, is actually a steady injection of pure-grade internet directly into your frontal cortex), but here’s the deal. People who follow one another on Twitter (that is, who read one another’s text-message-length broadcasts online) often find they have a lot in common with a lot more people than they realized. So they naturally want to form little alliances — for networking, for mutual interests, for recreational drinking. But how best to accomplish this? Well, as groups around the country are finding, one sure-fire way is to issue an open call: Anyone who wants to get together and chat about this hopelessly interconnected microblogging service can and should. Likewise, if you still don’t know what the hell a re-tweet or a hashtag or Tweetdeck are, this is the place to learn. Mingle (i.e., enjoy drink specials) with other like-minded compulsive communicators (quite the plugged-in group of... More >>>