Sure, it’s fun getting the Rock Band together. You get to do your signature dance — the young Mick Jagger. You get to do your Gene Simmons impersonations — which are classic. You’re the vocals, the lead singer, the frontman — but, sadly, it’s been getting on your nerves lately that you’ve been being backed up by — how did you express it last weekend? — toy instruments. Yelling out “Dude, that’s not a guitar — that’s a remote!” canceled that last gig when your best friend stormed out. Let’s face it: You and your bandmates now have creative differences, and you’re prepared: Many bands go through this. You want a stage to perform on, not a living room to perform in. You want to choose your own musical covers — for a while, you wanted to move on to ’90s rock: Tackle songs by Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, and 311. Is it too much to ask not wanting to perform to simulated rock music anymore (well, not until the Rock Band reunion tour kicks off, which you have slated for October)? No, it’s not — not... More >>>