Thanks to your run-of-the-mill mid-August South Florida storm, the Miami Dolphins' first preseason game two weeks ago was a wet, sloppy mess. Problem is, the first NFL preseason game is always the one people get the most revved-up about. You've been starving for football, and it's time to feed the monster. It's been a long offseason, the draft was three months ago, and enough already with all the damned baseball. It's time to bring the ruckus! Facepaint! Tailgate! Football! Hell yeah! Then the game starts, and it rains goats and cattle. And thanks to an Amazonian squall that stuck around for most of the first quarter, you didn't get to see the Fins starters do much of anything. Unless watching football players slipping all over a baseball infield is your thing. Mother Nature is the ultimate Debbie Downer.... More >>>