Saturday the new nightclub Liquid Room opened on West Palm Beach's Clematis Street. It was another success for 28-year-old Chris Paciello. He already owned two of the most decadently popular clubs on Miami Beach, Liquid and Bar Room, along with a permanently in-vogue restaurant there, Joia. He had become his own publicity machine. He dated pop diva Madonna and a stable of models and sat back as his face, impassive as granite, popped up on the people pages of glossy magazines all over the country. Earlier this year he bought a million-dollar waterfront home. His rise was improbable, given that it was a mere five years ago that Paciello arrived in South Florida an unvarnished 23-year-old Brooklyn bully with a high-school education. But that only added to the allure. In no time he became the dangerous darling of the South... More >>>