We take a seat in front of the screen, stage, or box to disengage. Sometimes it has to do with art -- a riveting portrayal of the human drama -- sometimes not. TV and film provide many ways to disengage, through electronic hypnosis, surround-sound inoculation, big-screen digital imagery, and the comforting lull of our own chewing. Suffused with electronic impulses, sugar, warm butter, and cold drinks, we are at the very least distracted. Theater offers no short cut. We are confronted with ourselves (real, in-the-flesh human beings) and not images of ourselves. In theater we must engage to disengage. We must be pulled in. We must feel we have experienced something completely -- whether it be a moment, a conversation, or the entire life of a relationship. Hence the challenge and reward of the short-form play, when it works, is to experience something complete in about ten... More >>>