"All I remember is that I was blacking out, and I couldn't move. My feet went numb, and every time I'd try to stand up, I would just go down again." Nelson is 25 years old, and his six-foot frame fills half of a velour love seat in the living room of a small Hollywood apartment. On the coffee table before him, beside a glossy magazine and butt-ridden ashtray, waits a plastic bottle filled about a quarter of the way with a clear liquid that looks and smells like water. It is not.It's GHB, gamma hydroxybutric acid, an illegal and unpredictable drug that depresses the central nervous system. Nelson is explaining how it once spun him into a G-hole, a period of vomiting and intermittent unconsciousness that lasted a total of an hour and a half. "Finally I went to the bathroom, put some water on my face, and it was…" he snaps his... More >>>