In Douglas Carter Beane's As Bees in Honey Drown, Evan Wyler (Mark Heimann) learns a little something about the facts of life and even more about life's fictions. After nine years of sacrifice, the young writer finally publishes his first novel and becomes an overnight sensation. Soon the mysterious and glamorous Alexa Vere de Vere (Kim Cozort) summons him to write the screenplay of her life story. Evan thinks that his luck is finally changing for the better and that this proposition signifies his entrance into the world of fame, success, and money. What happens instead is beyond most writers' imaginations. Evan, who is gay, is so taken with Alexa's effusive charm and excessive lifestyle that he fools himself into thinking he's in love with her. As suddenly as she enters his life, Alexa disappears, leaving him alone and with a $15,000 credit card debt for all the expensive dinners and designer clothing they've gone through. Evan finds himself swimming in success -- then drowning in it. Enraged and hurt, he goes on a rampage in search of Alexa and her real identity, uncovering a trail of others who have been mesmerized by her and also ended up footing the bill for her lavish lifestyle. This search for revenge -- full of surprises for Evan and laughs for the audience -- offers an intriguing inside look at the New York­Hollywood world where art meets consumerism. At a time when there are more millionaires in the United States than ever, the obsession with finding the next "hot thing" could be likened to a California gold rush in which the gold is something far less tangible but equally elusive, seductive, and... More >>>