Brazilians love experimentation and magical moments; they love assimilating far-flung musical styles, blending them with local rhythms, and imbuing them with graceful elegance. Ravers in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador have recently woven techno and ambient electronica into the mix, making the connection between the sleek minimalism of bossa nova and the wide-open sonic landscape of synthetic pop. So far only a handful of Brazilian club kids have shown up on the radar in the United States, notably the flashy drum 'n' bass/samba DJ Otto and the late mixmaster Suba, whose work with Bebel Gilberto stands as a high-water mark in bossa electronica. A few old-timers are also trying out the new synthesis: Pianist Roberto Menescal, one of the great bossa nova and EZ pop arrangers of the '60s and '70s, has a surprisingly effective... More >>>