Deep inside the history of every major beauty pageant lurks a defining, egg-on-the-face incident. For Miss USA, it occurred in the contest's sixth year, 1957, when Miss Maryland, Leona Gage, snagged the crown. Back home, Gage's proud mother-in-law, forgetting that loose lips sink ships, revealed that Leona was, in fact, 18 years old and not 21, as her pageant application stated. Also disclosed: Leona was currently working on her second marriage, to an Air Force sergeant, while raising two kids from her first matrimonial go-round, which took place when she was a mere 14 -- to a man twice her age. Contest officials scrambled into damage-control overdrive, dethroning Gage and naming first runner-up Charlotte "Miss Utah" Sheffield the titleholder. By then, it seems, Leona had spent her Miss... More >>>