The Postal Service should consider itself the lead candidate as the official band of long-distance relationships. Death Cab for Cutie's Benjamin Gibbard (from Seattle) and Dntel's Jimmy Tamborello (from L.A.) met when their bands were touring and remained in touch, sending each other piecemeal musical parcels like 'tweens caught up in a chat-room romance. Their first attempt, 2001's single "(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan," came out so tasty that the boys kept cooking. Tamborello snail-mailed Gibbard CD-R's of percussive electronica; Gibbard then tweaked them a bit, adding melodies, vocals, guitar, drums, and keyboards, and mailed them back. And so it went, layer by layer, until out came a lasagna of talent. Gibbard whittled most of the lyrics from pure old-fashioned imagination, not his usual autobiographical pathos, making the daydreamy ten-track disc clip along like... More >>>