Darryl Worley's song "Have You Forgotten?" attempts to split the patriotic difference between Toby Keith and Alan Jackson, waving the flag while showing some class, to erratic effect. The country star deserves points for rhyming "forgotten" and "bin Laden" (it's certainly better than, say, "income-tax deduction" and "weapons of mass destruction" or "Saddam" and "my mom"), and his dubious decision to directly equate the war in Iraq with 9/11 isn't that big a deal. After all, plenty of Sean Hannity-type pundits have made that argument. Yet Worley's use of the question format employed in Jackson's "Where Were You?" makes his battle justifications seem more than a little whiny, and the powerless-ballad backing he supplies is no help either. To inspire the troops to kick ass, he should have produced some music... More >>>