Dressed in a black Brooks Brothers suit, Michael Pecora strode into Signature Grand in Davie on Tuesday, April 29, as calm and affable as ever. Following his usual routine, Pecora had driven alone from his million-dollar home in Weston to the Grand, a two-story, salmon-colored catering center, which, with its cloister façade, resembles a 19th-century Spanish mansion. The place was already buzzing with hundreds of eighth-graders on a field trip to the African Heritage Forum in the building's main ballroom. It's a cavernous space, long enough for an NFL quarterback to hurl the bomb if not for the dozen or so car-length chandeliers suspended above. Surrounding the ballroom is an elegant rabbit warren of smaller meeting rooms, all of which lead to a central windowless atrium with its own low-hung chandeliers and a... More >>>