Johnny Vinczencz glides among venues like a cat burglar, stealing the hearts of diners from Miami-Dade to Palm Beach counties, leaving behind only discarded aliases and wistful memories of his bold kitchen antics. Vinczencz, a.k.a. "Johnny V," was first noticed in the early '90s as sous chef at Max's South Beach, then gained notoriety as head chef at the chic Astor Place Restaurant, where his robust, tropical-inspired New American cuisine placed him onto the public's list of most-wanted chefs. After some years of critical and popular acclaim, Johnny V, a.k.a. "The Caribbean Cowboy," vanished, then came back with the casual SoBe eatery/takeout Johnny V's Kitchen, which accented foods of the American Southwest. This caper didn't last long, so the chef returned to the Astor Place, followed by a celebrated stint at Delray Beach's De la Tierra, where the so-called "Guava Gaucho" used indigenous foods in a full-flavored take on New Florida... More >>>