A new restaurant called Bong has opened on the site where Boca Raton's popular Mezzanotte restaurant used to stand. The space has been totally revamped, allegedly at a cost of $2.7 million; after taking a good look around, I can only wonder where all that money went. It's not that the modern, 200-seat, 7,000-square-foot interior isn't attractive. In fact, with its graceful curves, elegantly upholstered banquettes, and bright, multicolored silk umbrellas hanging from a lofty ceiling, the main dining room looks like a million bucks; just not $2.7 million. The exterior is likewise less than awe-inspiring, mostly due to a curious absence of landscaping; outdoor seating areas in front and back are as cold and charmless as a coffee shop. Still, since opening in January, Bong has been drawing a full house of Boca locals -- they're not elderly, but neither are they members of the... More >>>