Art students eager to shed the confines of convention don't always understand that skewed perspectives and mutated forms work only after mastering traditional form. According to Florida Atlantic University art professors Walter Hnatysh and John McCoy, many of their colleagues not only encourage such thinking but actively promote it. In their joint exhibit "Walter Hnatysh and John McCoy: Spirits Kindred, Adventures in Academia," the professors display a contrasting reverence for form and creativity. While Hnatysh typically works as a painter, he has put down the canvas and taken to paper for a series of mostly black-and-white drawings. Created during a yearlong break from academia, the drawings show that Hnatysh's surrealist tendencies are grounded in the classical forms of the masters. His incredibly detailed compositions deal with fictional, aquatic subject matter, often depicting half-human sea creatures. Drawn with a near-mathematical precision, Hnatysh's works show his skills as a draftsman; everything is strategically placed in a chronology that moves the viewer from one logical point to another. Created with a similar sense of precision, McCoy's ceramic pots are an exercise in utility. There's not much pomp and sash here, but that's not the... More >>>