For those who like both Tiffany's and telescopes, New York sculptor/painter John Torreano has got just the thing -- a collection of hangable galaxies, studded with acrylic gemstones. Of course, that wasn't really his plan. Yes, the exhibit, "Every Gem Is a Handheld Star," which just opened at the Amory Art Center, has an outer-space theme. Wood slabs and blocks, painted in shades of black or white, are peppered with plastic balls and gemstones, anchored in wood cutouts or globs of paint. Torreano admires Cezanne and Rembrandt, but his art has more of an abstract/expressionist feel. Where Jackson Pollock and his contemporaries layered paint in an effort to occupy space on the canvas and in the third dimension, though, Torreano uses physical objects. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it... More >>>