To hear the locals tell it, 10 p.m. on Fridays at Georgie's Alibi is between shifts. The early birds -- the after-work crowd -- are in bed, either alone or not. The night owls are arriving in dribs and drabs and Hondas. The transition period sees a little of everything in the sprawling bar: guys playing pool, guys standing near a wall of sports plaques holding hands, guys cheek-kissing each other hello, guys standing alone scanning the room, guys in tank tops, guys with disciplined haircuts, and one guy standing in the middle of the bar's main room beneath the TVs that are playing one of Gwen Stefani's latest, displaying a belt buckle the size of a Hershey bar with a scrolling digital display that reads, in red lights, LEO LOVES DICK, surely answering in literal terms that old conversation starter,... More >>>