The German duo Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner began their Mouse on Mars partnership in Düsseldorf, raising inevitable Kraftwerk comparisons. Instead of aloof and inhuman, Mouse on Mars made its machines sound all soft and squishy. Live, the duo stayed hunched over their joysticks, pumping out loud 'n' groovy electronica perfect for thoughtful head-bobbing and occasional drink-spilling. That worked fine for the band's early career, but now it's fully deployed new member Dodo Nkishi, and his weird-ass processed vocals and human-powered percussion bring Mouse on Mars to an electro-funk peak. Newish tunes like "Actionist Respoke" and "Wipe That Sound" come off like hit singles from another planet, with crazy, disembodied chants, beeps, blips, and bloops all locking... More >>>