If you want to get inside the head of Mike Jones, the man behind Jetsetter Lounge, you need to fire up your time machine and travel back to 1965. That was the year that 6-year-old Jones visited the New York World's Fair. And like tens of thousands of other space-age tots, including this writer, Jones' sensibility was forever warped by the vision of an eye-ball-shaped 7Up Pavilion, a dizzy ride through GM's Futurama, and a 12-story "Unisphere" symbolizing "Man's Achievement on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe." How bright the future looked from our knee-high perspective! Life was powered by General Electric. The Earth we gamboled upon was polished to a mirrored sheen courtesy of Johnson's Wax. We'd flown a Pan Am DC-8 to get there, cosseted by stewardesses wearing baby-blue uniforms and pillbox hats. They'd served us Pepsi-Cola on board while we fiddled with our Eastman Kodak instamatics and Mom sank back into her seat, alternately inhaling a Clipper Cocktail... More >>>